Kings Of Leon’s ‘Come Around Sun’ Now In Stores

Just over a month after the release of the debut single, ‘Radioactive’, Kings Of Leon’s latest LP release is available in stores worldwide as of today. The album received a weighted average of 64%, which indicates ‘generally favourable reviews’ on review aggregator website Metacritic. This is the bands second lowest scoring album so far, behind its predecessor ‘Only By The Night’. The album, which was recorded in New York, was produced by Angelo Petraglia and Jacquire King, who also produced ‘Only By The Night’

1. “The End” 4:24
2. “Radioactive” 3:26
3. “Pyro” 4:10
4. “Mary” 3:25
5. “The Face” 3:28
6. “The Immortals” 3:28
7. “Back Down South” 4:01
8. “Beach Side” 2:50
9. “No Money” 3:05
10. “Pony Up” 3:04
11. “Birthday” 3:15
12. “Mi Amigo” 4:06
13. “Pickup Truck” 4:44

…iTunes deluxe edition:
14. “Celebration” 5:12
15. “Radioactive” (remix) (feat. West Angeles Mass Choir) 3:33
16. “Closer” (Presets remix) 4:52
17. “Radioactive” (music video)
18. “Making of Radioactive” (video)

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