Best Coast @ The Glee Club, Birmingham. Tuesday 30th November

Noise-pop trio will be playing three UK gigs this week, and one stop-off will be at The Glee Club, Birmingham tomorrow night. The doors open at 7.30 & there will be no entry after 8.15 at this 16+ event. I wouldn’t miss this gig if I was in Birmingham (f***ing Glee Club, Nottingham is too shite to book anyone good) and neither should you! Playing in support will be Spectrals and Sex Beet.

Get tickets direct from The Glee Club. (£11.00)

Best Coast are playing in Manchester tonight @ The Ruby Lounge and @ Scala in London on Wednesday night (Best Coast @ Scala – sold out)

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3 Responses to Best Coast @ The Glee Club, Birmingham. Tuesday 30th November

  1. Duncan says:

    Dear Audio Nutritioners. Thanks for your Best Coast big up – if it wasn’t so damn cold and snowy outside I’d say grab your coat & come on down to Birmingham. Glee Club Nottingham has only been open since September this year and although we’re only early stages with the venue we think we’ve got two rooms in Nottingham that are just as cosy and intimate as Birmingham. So fingers crossed we’ll be bringing more of this kind of thing your way soon.

    Duncan, The Glee Clubs.

    • Dear Duncan. It’s no problem, it felt necessary to let the good people know about the good music you folks are helping to provide! Ah, that is good news regarding Glee Club Nottingham, our fingers are crossed and we hope to be posting about some great bands you guys have booked in Nottingham soon… then actually coming to watch them!


  2. Duncan says:

    Ruddy splendid. You can get gig listings at &

    Thanks again, Duncan

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