Listen/Download – Ciara – “Ride” (CFCF Night Bus Remix)

I’ve got to say, this song has been around for a while now but… I only just heard it today and it’s taken my heart with minimal effort and in just one spin. This tune is by CFCF, a producer/DJ from Montreal, QC and his ‘Night Bus’ style and explanation of it, made me download his 10 track “Do U Like Night Bus?” Mix, without much hesitation…

“night bus is a silly little term that originated on Hipinion that describes not a certain genre but a certain feeling of music… can’t quite describe what it is but Eno, G-Side, David Sylvian, DJ Screw, Angelo Badalamenti, Lil B, and the Akira soundtrack, are all super night bus.”

I can relate to what CFCF (aka Michael Silver) is saying and having already heard his remix of Ciara’s “Ride”, I knew that he could translate the feeling he explained into music; And on that Bombshell (No, I’m not Jeremy Clarkson), I downloaded the mix. Check out the Ciara remix and download the mix below.

Ciara – “Ride” (CFCF Night Bus Remix)

Download “Do U Like Night Bus?”

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