Magic, Revue Pop Moderne – C44

Featuring covers of the likes of The Cure, The Stone Roses, Brian Eno and Primal Scream by bands such as The Fruhstucks, Kitteh Fur, Plastic Flowers and The Tyde & Pipler Kaplan, C44 is compilation of covers put together by French monthly magazine Magic, Revue Pop Moderne. The release has been put together in celebration of their 20th anniversary, and in honor of their former executive editor Christophe Basterra and will be released via Orchid Tapes. Also, a digital version is available for free download via Magicrpm’s bandcamp page.

1. Kitteh Fur – The Cedar Room (Doves cover)
2. The Tyde with Piper Kaplan – Leaves (Primal Scream cover)
3. A.P. Witomski – Seventeen Seconds (The Cure cover)
4. Ghost Animal – Brand New Life (Young Marble Giants cover)
5. Coma Cinema – I Wanna Be Adored (Stone Roses cover)
6. Seapony – Emma’s House (The Field Mice cover)
7. Plastic Flowers – By This River (Brian Eno cover)
8. Unfair To Facts – Blue Skied An’ Clear (Slowdive cover)
9. The Fruhstucks – Sin In My Heart (Siouxsie And The Banshees cover)
10. Cold Mailman – Fifty-Fifty Clown (Cocteau Twins cover)
11. Leopold Skin – Melt Away (Galaxie 500 cover)
12. Pandit – Just Like Heaven (The Cure cover)
13. Evening Hymns – If I Handle You With Care (Trembling Blue Stars cover)
14. St Augustine – Tell Me When My Lights Turn Green (Dexys Midnight Runners cover)

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